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Ballet Imperial

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In Melbourne I recently saw Australian Ballet do Ballet Imperial and a fabulous selection of PDDS from Petipa Ballets in the first half of the program. These delighted me and i would love to see some comments from others who saw them. However the point I want to think about is how choices such as this rather austere collection are thought through. I was at a saturday matinee ( in the gods) and all around me were 6 - 12 year olds and their mums and grannies. What they saw was a sucession of dancers on a bare stage who did similar things one after another, after the 4th set of variations and codas the little girl beside me started reading her program - looking at the pretty pictures rather than the actual dancers -and all around there were various responses of boredom and mixed pleasure. Now I think children cannot cope with dance unless it sits inside a narrative. Perhaps a special handout where the pdds etc are explained as part of a story would help, but overall I thought some kids who didnt have mums who could explain the dances would be turned Off.

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