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Does anyone know how many DVDs are there altogether in the "Dancer's Dream: The Great Ballets of Rudolf Nureyev" series, please?

And if anyone has watched any of them, I'd greatly appreciate if you could offer your advice on whether or not you find the documentaries insightful/useful.

Thanks a lot.

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From the TDK Catalogue

search term = nureyev

Raymonda Dancer's Dream

Opèra National de Paris, 1999

Marie-Claude Pietragalla · Elisabeth Platel Manuel Legris · José Martinez · Laurent Hilaire ALEXANDER ANISSIMOV

Choreography: Rudolf Nureyev

Sleeping Beauty Dancer's Dream

Opéra National de Paris, 1999

Elisabeth Platel · Manuel Legris Clotilde Vayer · Nathalie Riqué VELLO PÄHN

Choreography: Rudolf Nureyev

La Bayadère Dancer´s Dream

Opéra National de Paris, 2002

Isabelle Guérin · Elisabeth Platel Laurent Hilaire VELLO VÄHN

Choreography: Rudolf Nureyev

Romeo & Juliet Dancer´s Dream

Opéra National de Paris, 1999

Elisabeth Maurin · Manuel Legris Aurélie Dupont · Jean-Guillaume Bart VELLO PÄHN

Choreography: Rudolf Nureyev

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Giannina, I too long for more recent productions of Raymonda. :(

I didn't know that the Dancer's Dream series had a documentary on Romeo & Juliet, that's great info! Thanks, innopac!

I hope someone would post his/her thoughts on Dancer's Dream R&J...

R&J is a performance that I've always had trouble with - either I couldn't quite tune into the feelings being conveyed by the performers or I'd feel totally drained and dumbfounded towards the end. :(


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They are all wonderful. It explains so much about the ballets little details, that after watching these series You will appreciate all the recordings more than before.

At least that is what I think as a professional dancer myself...

Highly Recommended, and I hope they will continue the series to extend

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Thanks, theplayer01.

So far, I've watched the Dancer's Dream: Sleeping Beauty. The video has helped me appreciate not only the POB production but also all other Sleeping Beauty performances. It's sometimes easy to forget how much teamwork has been put together in order for us to see a 2-hour performance on stage and I think the Dancer's Dream is definitely a great documentary series.

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Personally I especially appreciated the one about La Bayadère. Before, I liked the dancing but didn't think much of the story.

On the documentary you see Isabelle Guérin (among others) discussing how and why it should be danced this or that way. Making sense of the characters has helped add a lot of emotion to the dancing itself.

La Bayadère has actually become one of my favourite ballets, thanks to Dancer's dream.

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