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Corella Ballet website up and almost finished

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The Corella Ballet (formerly Compania Ballet de Espana Angel Corella) has a new website at corellaballet.org. (Sorry not expert at attaching links, and not sure it's allowed?) The website is almost completed. Some sections still need to be translated into English, and other minor elements added, but it is still of interest and informative, with some lovely images of the Company's school, staff, and dancers.

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Thanks, 4mrdncr. It's http://corellaballet.org -- and we certainly welcome links to company websites.

When I went to http://corellaballet.org , all I got was a placeholder page with nothing about the ballet company, just links to the site's host/developer. If other readers have the same experience, they should not feel frustrated -- at least not yet.

It's great that things are in the works, and I look forward to the finished product -- both the website and, more, the company.

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Ok, I try again.


Once you get the opening page, (with a CU of Angel in center) you will see:

"Corella Ballet espanol / english" listed on the left, and "Fundacion Angel Corella espanol / english" listed on the right.

If you click on either language you should then be brought to the next page where you will find much more info, images etc. of the Company, school, and organization. And, of course, it's Artistic Director. (Last I saw, they were still working on the bios of all the dancers in the Company.)

Good luck and enjoy.

PS. The majority of the info has not been translated into English yet, (even if you do click on "english") but should be understandable by topic, if not a detailed history.

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Yes, thank you so much, 4mrdncr.

I really do hope that Corella's heroic efforts -- as well as the Corella international brand name -- will encourage Spanish philanthropy and government to increase their support and to create a stable foundation for a truly "national ballet" that will be around for a long, long time.

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