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Even more Tharp

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Where is the September rep show? Last October there was a celebration of her work at the Cal Performances in Berkley. Miami City Ballet and ABT along with others performed her work. I wonder if this is the same type of thing?

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This is part of the company's regular season at McCaw Hall in Seattle -- they generally do two different programs in the autumn (aka before Nutcracker) and this is the opener, at the end of September. Peter Boal has added several of her works to the PNB repertory since he became artistic director, but this will be the first time that she's choreographed on the group.

According to Boal (during a post-show Q&A session) she originally was hoping to work with Noelani Pantastico and Casey Herd, before they announced their departures.

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According to Boal (during a post-show Q&A session) she originally was hoping to work with.......

In spite of the changes, Tharp's going to be tickled pink with the likes of Postlewaite, Korbes (she's got to be healed by then!), Wevers, and Rausch (my pick for a future all stars berth), not to mention Orza (Seth), Rachel Foster, and the 2 pros who eat Tharp's stuff like hot dogs on the 4th of July: Imler and Eames. I'll throw in a couple of sleepers too.......Kari Brunson and Jordan Pacitti.

........and there are plenty of others where those came from :shake:

[later edit]......and I will be interested to see if Tharp pegs Laura Gilbreath. Laura sort of "showed up" this past season in places you might not ordinarily expect her, and she delivered!

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