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This is the most interesting thing I've seen come up in the exotic revival department for some time. I put it here because the article says 'it's as much a ballet as an opera', but explaining it that way means it's slightly more an opera, which they do call it. Roussel is a fine composer, always worth hearing, but I was used to smaller chamber works and hadn't known about this. I think it sounds fabulous and I would love to be among those seeing the couple of performances. Seeing this at Spoleto in the summer sounds pretty heavenly, and the best use of Bollywood personnel I've yet seen. Sounds somehow beyond 'Bombay Dreams'.

This is the kind of thing that would come up in 'what would make a good ballet' threads here, except this is like one someone might imagine but that had already been done without anybody much knowing till now.

Also wrote:

Bacchus et Ariane, ballet in two acts

Aeneas, ballet

Padmâvatî, opera in 2 acts (1913–18, Louis Laloy, after T.-M. Pavie). f.p. Paris Opéra, 1 June 1923

Sarabande (1927; for the children's ballet L'Éventail de Jeanne, to which ten French composers each contributed a dance)

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