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David Bintley

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David Bintley, Artistic Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet, is being appointed as Artistic Director of the New National Theatre Ballet Company of Tokyo. He is taking up the appointment, which is for three years, in 2010. To reassure all BRB fans, the appointment is part time and is in addition to his current post as AD of BRB.

There is a press release on the BRB website:


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Thank you JMcN and scherzo for your comments about Bintley's ballet Hobson's Choice. On the basis of your posts I ordered the dvd and yesterday spent an extremely enjoyable afternoon watching it... and am still smiling. It certainly is a spirit lifter!

Will try and find the play now. I am interested to know how close Bintley stayed to the original. My guess is fairly closely as underneath the comedy there are touches of reality which add depth to the story: the class consciousness, the use of the belt, similarities to King Lear....

David Bintley's Hobson's Choice is a comic masterpiece....
... I'd like to quickly add my thoughts on Bintley if I may. Of his story ballets I have seen Hobson's Choice. I suppose it is not an 'ambitious' ballet (which is one of the criticisms of his work) but that is part of its appeal: it has great warmth, a good sense of comedy and a good balance between mime and pure dance which sustains the audience's interest (which, for example, Macmillan did not always achieve). Above all, Bintley takes care creating his characters and each has clear personality, dramatically and choreographically, thanks to his inventive use of steps - so we care about what happens to them.
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