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NYCB Annual Report: Fiscal '07

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NYCB's latest Annual Report (to June 24, 2007) seemed to arrive to their site much later than prior ones, but may now be seen here:


There are two good reasons to check this out each year:

1. Awesome, often quite large, photos, as well as a record of key performances and complete roster details. In the new 2006-7 report, among the many full-screen photos are one of Balanchine playing Herr Drosselmeier in 1958, debuts by Sterling Hyltin (SPF), Sara A. Mearns (Lilac Fairy)....

2. The financial state of the Company. Of course balance sheets are not exactly "straightforward", but it would appear the Company's securities investments were rather well-managed that fiscal year, the primary cause of a more than 10% increase (a gain of $20,431,000) in NYCB's net assets. In the fine details I did note that Guild membership and activity revenue did dip about 1%. While ticket sales did not cover the expense budget, when public contributions are added in things look very solid.

Board Chair Barry S. Friedberg gave a quite optimistic report, including

During this year, we grew the enterprise value

of our business by some $15 million while

selling over 335,000 tickets in New York alone.

Of course exactly a full year has already passed. Hopefully the next report will not be so delayed, as one cannot help but wonder about the effect of so many tickets being given away to motivate subscriptions and renewals for the current Robbins season.

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