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ballet company touring Asia

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Right now, I have a sponsor willing to sponsor ballet performances in China. If you know any top level ballet companies visiting Asia within next 12 months, please let me know. thanks, jeff

Dear Jeff,

I work for Northern Ballet Theatre and was interested to read you message regarding China. We have recently completed a 6 city tour of China with very good audience response in all the venues. The Venues reached from Beijing to Hangzhou and all were keen to see the company on a return tour to China. If you or your contact are interested I would be happy to supply a report of the tour.

The timing could be very good as only yesterday we had a discussion with the Director of Culture for the Zhejiang Province, which includes Hangzhou. The Chinese delegation was in Leeds to plan an exhibition for September, which will form part of the China Now activities.



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Dear Jon

Thanks for your note. I must say NBT did a great job for the tour, considering the cost of touring and hiring orchestra etc.

I will mention to the potential sponsor about your proposal and get back to you soon. Only concern is a return trip within 12 months may be a little too soon?

I will keep you posted. thanks again Jeff

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