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Frederick Wiseman's Ballet

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"Ballet", the film by Frederick Wiseman, is now available to individuals ($29.99). Previously, it was only sold to institutions. There's some beautiful performances and great backstage scenes. Only peeve, now identifying titles of what/who is doing what (although I pulled the performing credits off the NYPL site).


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Thank you! The last time I checked, you had to rent this for $600. !!!!

There are some wonderful shots of "Symphonic Variations", and some very interesting ones of Ross Stretton, then the company's Assistant AD, very, very kindly talking to young dancers who are auditioning.

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Only peeve, now identifying titles of what/who is doing what

Yes, that's how Wiseman has always done it. I see what he's after, but it would be nice to have people like Michael Somes identified. I'm delighted this is available. Thanks for the heads up.

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I thought this might be available on Amazon, so checked. When I entered "wiseman" and "ballet" into the Amazon search box, I didn't get the film, but DID find a Charlie Rose interview (June 1995) with Wiseman, Kathleen Moore, and Susan Jaffe.

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