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Cyd Charisse

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In That's Entertainment III Debbie Reynolds narrates a split-screen comparison between the unused Charisse number and a number from Torch Song which recycled the song. In it Joan Crawford wears "tropical makeup." :)

Oh well, volcanohunter, you're becoming my tutor, as there's no way I'm going to miss this...will report back in a week or two. :huh: although I'm never going to like anything Ms. Crawford does as much as Lena Horne being all tropical in 'Love' in 'Ziegfeld Follies. "Lena said they told her 'Lena, go out the-ah...and smol-duh...

That's something Lena and Cyd both had--they could smol-duh :

I saw this just now, and India Adams sounds good for neither, although the chorus sound does work better in Torch Song (may be the outfits). They actually do then seem like the girls in 'House of Flowers', especially in the opening song 'Waitin'. Was interesting to see this grotesque Joan Crawford moment. The only thing to make me as much of a Joan Crawford 'completist' as I need to be for the duration is clips of 'The Secret Storm', which are supposed to be on You Tube but I can't find them. Truly a strange creature. Thanks for putting me onto this, Volcano, I hadn't seen this one, and Cyd's hosting of the Gene Kelly section shows her as a very handsome and elegant woman of about 72, I guess--strangely, she looks a little like Nancy Reagan here, and I had never seen the 'Heather on the Hill' piece but once. Debbie Reynolds is also really charming and beautiful in the section she hosts.

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