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Thanks to Quiggin for noting, on the "Violette et Mr. B" thread, Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater's (construction permitting!!!!) Dominique Delouche mini-fest. In addition to the already mentioned film are several of interest to BT-ers, not least of which relates to our current thread on La Fille Mal Gardee.

Once on the site, you can link to individual films in this series which includes:

  • Les Cahiers retrouvés de Nina Vyroubova
  • La Fille mal gardée [Delouche and Cramér]
  • Katia et Volodia
  • Maïa
  • Markova, la légende
  • Serge Peretti, le dernier italien
  • Violette et Mr. B
  • Yvette Chauviré: Une étoile pour l'exemple

Showings include short features.

Please visit http://filmlinc.com/wrt/onsale/dominiquede...he/program.html for more details.

If -- if -- this comes to pass :wink: , it will be almost like the old times of summer in the Carnegie Hall Cinema.

Anyone have particular must-see or no-big-deal recommendations?

From Film Society's website directs to the following for construction status reports:

For more information about the construction plans for the expansion and redesign of Lincoln Center, please . . . . click on the link: "
". Pre-recorded up-to-date information is also available by phone at 212-LINCOLN. To speak to Lincoln Center customer service staff, call (212) 875-5456, Monday through Friday from 9am - 8pm.

And of course, this is one of two weekends of the year when I have unbreakable out-of-town commitments. :clapping:

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Lucky New Yorkers ! I'm jealous, I've only seen "Violette and Mr B" (unfortunately, even in France, there are very few opportunities to see Mr Delouche's films, especially if one doesn't live in Paris...) and also his documentary about Monique Loudières "Comme les OIseaux", which is not in this list... But the whole series looks wonderful.

I wonder if "La Fille mal gardée" is a documentary, or a filming of the whole ballet ? If I remember correctly, the reconstruction by Ivo Cramer was staged in the 1980s for the Ballet de Nantes, and a bit later for the Ballet du Rhin (alas, the Ballet de Nantes disappeared and the Ballet du Rhin now dances almost only modern dance, so that reconstruction isn't visible any longer). I only saw a pas de deux from it, performed in during an open rehearsal of the Ballet du Rhin in Grenoble around 1995, but it had made me want to see more of it.

I think I saw some excerpts of the Chauviré documentary in some other programs. Chauviré is such a remarkable dancer (and also coach and teacher), I wish I could see that one. And also the program about Peretti (1905-1997): he was a POB principal in the 1940s and a teacher at the POB school for decades, I remember an interview of him in the early 1990s and his enthusiasm about young dancers...

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