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Farrell Ballet at First Annual Gettysburg Festival

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Following the two performances in Gettysburg, PA, Suzanne will be conducting her two summer intensive programs, at Cedar Islands, and in Washington D.C.. After that, she will take a portion of her company to the Chicago Dancing Festival on August 18 to perform Tzigane.

The company returns to the Kennedy Center from October 8-12, in the newly renovated Eisenhower Theater. There will be two programs -- a restaging of The Balanchine Couple, and a mixed repertoire program which includes Liebeslieder Walzer, Ragtime, and Episodes. Ragtime is Suzanne's reconstruction for the Balanchine Preservation Initiative of a ballet which hasn't been seen in nearly forty years.

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The company will also be performing at the K.C.'s Open House on Sept. 13th. They have danced several short performances throughout the day during the last couple of years. The tickets to this event are free but limited to the theater they are in. It is a great day for the whole family to spend at the K.C. Check their web site to see the schedule of all the events planned.

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The company returns to the Kennedy Center from October 8-12. . .
Really???? Not over Thanksgiving weekend? You're teasing me, aren't you?

October 12-13 is Thanksgiving here in the Great White North. :) Those dates give Canadians the opportunity to go see Farrell Ballet and return home on their day off. I would love to see Ragtime again! Who needs a big turkey dinner when we can have ballet instead?

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Yes, thanks, FF! And I had noticed "my" part of Washington seemed a little deserted during the Thanksgiving-week run, although the better seats in the theatre were pretty well filled.

I was unaware of the August date, right here in my own back yard, too, so I'll be giving thanks even earlier than our Northern friends! For other Chicagoans especially, here's a link to the organization's fledgling website:


Their latest press release, dated 12th March, doesn't mention TSFB specifically, but we'll keep watch. I was concerned that the performance might be given outdoors, 'midst the noisy distractions of downtown Chicago, and while there will be a show like that on the third day, it looks like Tzigane will be in the Harris Theatre.

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For the record, the box office ran out of tickets the first day, 30th May, although I was told there was little publicity (I didn't notice any myself); evidently, word got out, probably including the fact that all 1500 tickets were free! Some may come back, and there is a plan to deal with that possibility in an orderly way:


P.S. Juliet is quite right about their Tzigane!

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