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What were the High Points of your 2007-2008 ballet season?

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Sandik, will this be demonstration be shown or published anywhere?

I'm not quite the right Sandi, but I saw this presentation too. It was very informal and presented in a studio with live dancers in warmups. As the other Sandi says, it was fascinating. sandik did a write up on this for DanceView Times (a snippet and info can be seen here).

I'm always pleased when someone reads my stuff, but I'm afraid you've got things mixed here. The review you link to is of a reconstruction by the fabulous Doug F of the Jardin Anime section of Corsaire. He set it, with assistance from Maynard Stewart, on the kids at the school and they performed it as part of their end-of-year workshop a few years ago. It was wonderful, and a generous portion of a style that we rarely see anymore, but it's not the studio program that the company presented last autumn. I didn't review it, though I have notes in my files, and although the company videotaped it, the recording isn't for public consumption.

I can't imagine it will be done again, or somehow "captured". This 2008 demonstration program came up in a Q&A session just a week or so ago. Peter Boal said nothing about "capturing" it, but he did mention that Doug Fullington is working on another session like this for 2009. Doug has the ability to "read" Stepanov notation, and he has mentioned that he likes to explore "lost" dances as he did for the 2008 demonstration sandik mentions; so he might end up doing something along those lines again for 2009. It looks like he is going to prepare something.

So bart, come on out in 2009 to see Doug's next installment :wink:. The Seattle BT contingent will buy you a beer or two!

I'm thrilled to know that Doug might be preparing another program -- he's a thoughtful and knowledgeable scholar and I'm always very happy to think of him as a colleague!

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I'm always pleased when someone reads my stuff, but I'm afraid you've got things mixed here.

OOPS........I thought I remembered that either you or Helene wrote something up on BT about that program. I searched the board and when I saw the word "Petipa" I thought I had found it. That will teach me to try to be sandi instead of sandy :wink:

I did a proper search this time and found Helene's write up (plus some posts from the rest of us including a link to an article you did write sandik). It can be found here.


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