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You'll notice some posts have been moved.....

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There are a lot of little arrows in this forum now, guiding you to recent posts that have been moved to the company forums, which have been reopened for posting. (There's a post here with more info.

For those who have joined us in the past few months, the Recent Ballet Performances is a good place to put comments about:

1. A company that is not on the Companies Forums list

2. A company that is touring (If the Kirov Ballet comes to DC, post about it here. A few weeks after the thread is inactive, we'll move it into the Kirov-Mariinski forum for archive purposes)

3. If it's a gala, or special performance of any kind

4. If it's a festival or mixed company series (like New York's Fall for Dance)

5. If it just doesn't seem to fit anywhere else

6. Or if you don't know what to do with it.

Please don't worry about the Proper Place to Put Things. If we think it's necessary we'll move it (and leave an arrow so you can find it.)

I'll make this a sticky in a few days, but wanted to put this up in the hopes of avoiding confusion.

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