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Just wanted to let you know that the original kinescope of the Mary Martin PETER PAN, directed by Jerome Robbins, is now available for purchase on www.dvdsentertainment.com.

The stage production in 1954 closed after a brief run and was then televised. From what I have heard, it is an exact replica of the Robbins stage version, so you are seeing exactly what Robbins did. The later 1960 version dropped quite a bit of the Robbins direction--at least that is what I have heard from other sources.

Anyway, the dvd is quite inexpensive.


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this seller is selling on many different e-commerce sites, and was once a seller on eBay (see the first link above) but is no longer selling there ("Not A Registered User"). At first glance it would appear that at least one reason may be that they were charging very low prices (a la .25) and overcharging on shipping (and it does not cost 8.99 to ship a DVD even Priority Mail) in order to circumvent listing fees on these sites (on eBay the rates appear to have been different) which are charged on the basis of the sale price and not for shipping. Whether or not the footage is public domain is unknown to me, but I can state the preceding with a fair amount of certainty.

it was shown as part of a series called "producers' showcase" and i did come across these two pages:



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Just to let you all know that (a) the program is good copyright, and (b) the copyright is owned by Showcase Productions, Inc., and © the copy you refer to is pirated, and (d) is very poor quality. We very much would like to release both of our live Peter Pan broadcasts, even though it costs a significant amount to get the kinescope materials up to modern standards, but cannot get permission from all of the estates involved because they are negotiating a remake. If it doesn't happen, we should get permission, and it really is a treat to see them in near-high definition quality. By the way, we licensed the clips from Peter Pan and the Ford 50th Anniversary Program for the Robbins American Masters program.

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