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My funds being on the low side this summer I'm faced with the problem of maximising their impact, while (hopefully) economising a bit for when the Cuban Ballet visits in December. The plan is to see 3 summer performances or possibly 4 if I buy only in the cheapest seats, but I need guidance as to what to eliminate. I'd especially love to hear from anyone who has seen any of the productions mentioned bellow. Is there something that is a must see or really wonderful?

Here are my options:

* POB doing Bausch's Orphee et Euridice

cons: it's in a theater far far away (albeit a theater that is an experience by itself); the cast (Gillot, Bridart, Miteki Kudo) is the exact one of the telecast and I've already seen the telecast,

pros: I've already seen the telecast is an understatement, I've seen it 5 times, I'm obsessed!

* The Bolshoi Opera in Boris Godunov, directed by Sokurov.

Also wondering which Boris is preferable: Mikhail Kazakov or Taras Shtonda?

* Paul Taylor Dance Company dancing Esplanade, Piazzola Caldera and Promethean Fire.

From this program I've only seen Esplanade (and past experience with Taylor has been very positive)

* Three Duets with Baryshnikov/Laguna/Ek/Neumann.

I've long said that I would gladly watch Baryshnikov do laundry, I'm sure it would be a worthwhile and revelatory experience :D But is 30 euros maybe too much for a show involving four dancers? After all Boris Godunov comes at 20 euros. I'm not judging art by the euro but you have to wonder about the logic behind the pricing.

* A Tribute to Maurice Béjart with Guillem, Hilaire, Legris and the Tokyo ballet (Sacre, La luna, Chant du compagnon errant and Bolero) This is almost fixed as my friend likes Guillem very much and I like Hilaire and Legris almost as much. Last chance to see them again before retirement.

* Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's Sutra. My non dance friends are keen on this for some reason. Must be the Shaolin Monks :dry: I've enjoyed parts of SLC's works in the past, and I say parts because after a while they can become repetitive and uninspired. Has anyone seen this?

All opinions appreciated :)

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The Paul Taylor program consists of three of his best works. I admire him as a choreographer the company as a whole and heartily recommend that program.

Promethean Fire, to Bach, is his reaction to the attacks of 9/11. Very powerful. Piazzola Caldera is an exploration of tango set in smoky Argentine bars. Both are on the dark side but in different ways, effectively countered by the brightness of Espalanade. Wish I could be there.

I lack the familiarity with your other options to give thumbs up or thumbs down on them, but that doesn't diminish my enthusiasm for the Taylor.

ETA video links: Piazzola Caldera Pt. 1, Piazzola Caldera Pt. 2, Promethean Fire Pt. 1, Promethean Fire, Pt. 2

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If you love the Bausch, I think you owe it to yourself to go. I saw the Orphee in Paris the February and I'm no Bausch man, but I thought it was always visually arresting and often moving. It's going to be so much different than seeing a recording - see it live.

I mostly concur with Carbro on the Taylor. I'm not mad for Promethean, but if Michael Trusnovec dances, it would be worth it.

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Thanks carbro and Leigh! I just bought tickets for Taylor, Guillem/Legris/Hilaire and will buy for Bausch too.

After looking at the clips I'm now very excited about Taylor! And yes, Michael Trusnovec does dance in Promethean Fire. I'm also very excited about going to Epidavros for Orphee & Euridice; I really do love the Bausch (and that's a phrase I never expected to say :devil: )

Last slot now, it will be either Baryshnikov/Laguna etc or the Sokurov Boris Godunov. I'm leaning towards Boris much as I love Baryshnikov. Has anyone seen either one?

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