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Tanny and Benvolio


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What a beautiful dog --

has both modesty and star quality, a fabulous combination, and beautiful legs to go with them; in fact, that picture of him(?) in hte hamper with the front legs stretched forward and crossed delicately at he ankles made tears start to my eyes.

and what a fantastic wardrobe mistress.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; edited to say

Ok, now I get it; Tanny is hte brown greyhound, and benvolio is hte white pup. Sorry ,i got so excited i popped off be fore hte montage was complete. Indeed, Tanny is extremely well named; there are moments in which the dog seems to be channeling the ballerina, and of course, they have the same witty nose.

Ben seems very sweet, also well-named.

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Dog? LOL - just kidding. Thanks Paul.

True story, a friend of mine was at State Theatre with his partner looking at the gorgeous photos in the lobby.

The partner turned to my friend and said: "That ballerina looks like Glebb's dog!"

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Glebb, it was extremely thoughtful of you to provide a barre for Tanny. I love the way she performs tendu and wide second, not to mention that truly grand reverence. Elegant jumps by Benvolio, too. I wonder whether having 4 legs is an advantage (more to show, more to do) or a disadvantage (arabesques become more complicated).

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