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Molina, Cornejos (BB) CT Performance

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Carlos Molina and Erica Cornejo will be performing Spartacus pas de deux at the Hoffman Auditorium in West Hartford, CT on May 31 and June 1 for two performances only. The event is sponsored by the local Ballet Theatre Company.

Link for More Info and Tickets

:smilie_mondieu: My pet peeve, Signage! While driving through downtown West Hartford this morning, I nearly caused a car accident trying to figure where the performance was being held. It was in very small font on the side of the banner hung at the West Hartford green. Didn't catch it till I was just about past the banner. Ballet Theatre Company's name was largely emblazoned across the banner, but that only further confused this individual's already addled :jawdrop: brain. "ABT still uses the title, 'Ballet Theatre'?" I wondered, "but wait, these are Boston Ballet dancers!" A very muddled and befuddled moi trying to make sense of that and find out where the performance was being held. Had I not been such an ardent ballet fan, I'd have given up very easily.

So my question: I'm not familiar with this school/company: Is it just a school company or does it include a truly professional company?

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