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Is one of these companies better than the other?

Kultur Films seems to be releasing dvds that are also currently being sold by VAI. For example : Anna Karenina with Plisetskaya and Spartacus with Vasiliev. I was wondering if the quality of the dvd would be the same from either company.

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I cannot compare the same titles as released by Kultur and VAI. However, I have written on this forum about the poor (fuzzy) quality of Kultur's re-issues of 1980s VHS tapes, e.g., "ABT at the Met" or "ABT in San Francisco." The Kultur DVDs are are less sharp than the original VHS tapes. I recall have written to warn all of you to "save your VHS tapes" rather than buy the Kultur DVD reissues of those gems.

My VAI DVDs, in general, are sharper than my Kulturs.

So perhaps we might surmise that, if given a choice, VAI is a safer bet than Kultur?

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Thank you, Natalia. I hadn't thought to search the posts but now have found your following two threads:

1. Kultur DVDs of 1980s Vids WARNING, poor-quality image (cloudy)

2. Natalia Bessmertnova's Legacy, filmography (Where you talk about the cutting/editing of performances)

I had assumed that the new release Kultur dvds would be of a superior quality but now have decided to stick to the older issues of VAI.

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