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ABT - Le Cosaire May 2008

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Here are my two cents, I have been really sick, so this is getting up a bit late - I thought Gillian was unusually soft, especially in the second act bedroom scene. Her "pas de trois" was still a little wooden for my taste, but no one can argue with solid technique and her fierce fouettes. Gennadi started out a little slow, but warmed up in the second and third acts. I love it when he does that trick where he flips his leg around himself in the air, anyone know what those are called? His acting was light and playful too. Xiomara had her usual charm and humor. Jose felt a little more reserved than I have seen him in other performances, but still managed to stop the show after his variation, especially by extending his juicy pirouettes just a moment longer. Carlos Lopez, while clean in his character dancing technique, did not have the same villainy as I have seen others project in this role. I was also very impressed by Herman as Lankendem, who threw himself into his modified variation with a cheeky smile. Misty Copeland attacked the second Odalisque variation with her usual gusto, but needs to work on her projection - this will surely come as she matures as an artist. I was slightly disappointed with the Jardin Animee in Act III. After having just seen the Kirov at City Center in April in this same piece, I was disappointed to see their American counterparts perform the same work; ABT's corps looked under-rehearsed and messy, and the overall scene lacked the 19th century grandeur that the Kirov was able to bring. At least ABT decided not to put them all in blonde wigs.

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