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Kylian's "birthday"

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Recently viewed Jiri Kylian's ballet, Birth-day, on DVD. Was wondering if anyone else has seen it.Kylian has set it to selected music by Mozart and indeed the ballet reflects the operatic, pensive, amusing nature of its score.Some of it was laugh-out-loud material but counterpointed with the strange, the surreal, and the slightly grotesque (Samuel Beckett springs to mind)I can't help but think that Mozart would have approved mightily .His ribald sense of fun would have been well served.It seems to me that Mozart's music more than most eludes easy description,Adjectives such as otherwordly, sublime, joyful and disturbing hardly reach the mark.Why is this so.It is wonderful to view a ballet with such riotous fun.Note the inventive use of fans and mirrors. I could not but help thinking that time's relentless passage, and inevitable mortality frame the Chaplinesque, silent movie feel of some of its episodes.Kylian's musicality is a joy.

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