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Ashley Tuttle


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There is a link if you Google her that leads to quite a few Broadway shows. La Cage aux Folles, Movin Out as well as TV, One Life to Live. She was quite a performer. Hopefully she is still doing well in theatre. :)

Hopefully she is doing well. I was disappointed when she left the ABT. She was such a lovely dancer!

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Great interview!

I found this part shocking but admire Ms. Tuttle so much:

I worked in construction as a project manager for a renovation company. I learned so much about personalities, not just about the work. How do you keep the client happy and the boss happy and the construction guys happy? A difficult time. I’m sitting there cleaning out construction sites, and I’ve got a toilet brush, and I’m like, But I used to have a wand and a crown! Where’s my tutu? [Laughs] But I feel I’m pretty balanced egowise, and I don’t mean to toot my own horn, because I’m not like that, but you have to do what you have to do, and this is a hard city. But there are moments where you hit a wall of reality. And strange little things—when you’re a ballerina, people come to your stage door, and donors are like, “Can we take you out for a drink?” and then I’m in construction changing light bulbs for the donors. Not the actual donors—I never ran across the same person, but the type. It’s been really eye-opening. I feel very grounded in the reality of you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. I’ve got compassion for everybody. The guy who’s driving the bus isn’t less than Donald Trump.

She seems like an incredibly strong woman who was able to handle a hard time in her life with a lot of grace.

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I am totally out of it. Ms. Tuttle is a dancer I knew as a young member of the corps, followed until she left, but this is the 1st time I have any inclination that it was not voluntary. WOW. A great interview of a lovely dancer and person. May she find her place in the ballet world. I am sure she has much to contribute.

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Very interesting interview. Life is strange.

I have to admit that the last time I saw her perform with ABT was Swan Lake. It was during the "Moving Out" period, and I was very disappointed. Maybe the Broadway demands are impossible to maintain along with the ballet demands.

I know that she was married to Charles Askegard at one point when he was at ABT.

She seems like a great lady who has a lot to contribute in many ways. I wish her well.

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Thank you so much for posting this link. I loved Ashley Tuttle for many years, both as an ABT dancer and as Judy in Moving Out. I think the last part I saw her dance was Nikiya in La Bayadere (with Angel Corella, often her partner). She was especially wonderful in romantic roles, like Nikiya, Giselle, and especially Juliet. Her Juliet (with Corella as Romeo) was one of the best I've ever seen. With regard to her personal life, when Ashley was in Moving Out, she was involved with John Selya. Does anyone know if they are still together?

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I just wanted to add my opinion of Tuttle in Swan Lake. I saw her dance the part twice. She was a lovely Odette, but unfortunately a rather weak Odile. The first time I saw her do the part (which was in 2000, before she was in Moving Out I think) she fell off point about halfway through the famous 32 fouettes. I saw her dance the part again in 2001, and she just barely held on to those fouettes. You could see the struggle on her face. I blame Kevin McKenzie for casting Ashley in parts she was not right for. It's strange that in the interview she's talking about Balanchine when Ashley was one of the least likely Balanchine dancers at ABT at the time. Her Theme and Variations was expecially disappointing. Again, she was superb in romantic and dramatic parts. I also remember very fondly her performances as Swanilda in Coppelia and Gulnare in Le Corsaire. When she danced to her strengths, she was a most memorable ballerina.

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