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New (?) Baryshnikov interview on Charlie Rose Show

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The reason I think this may be a new interview and not a second repeat of the interview of a year ago, which was already repeated last August, is that, according to the Rose website and zap2it.com, the hour is shared with Washington Post writer T. R. Reid on an unrelated subject. Or maybe this show contains a cut-down version of that older interview. Who knows? In Chicago, it's scheduled for midnight, so I'll set a recorder and find out tomorrow. I hope.

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i understand this is new and will focus on Baryshnikov's current photo exhibit: MERCE MY WAY now in NYC's chelsea gallery area, as follows:

Me r c e My Way

The Merce Cunningham Dance Company in Photographs, by Mikhail Baryshnikov

March 18 – May 4, 2008

New York, NY—401 Projects and Visión Cultural / Cultural Vision present Merce My Way: The Merce

Cunningham Dance Company in Photographs, a photo exhibit by Mikhail Baryshnikov that will run Tuesday,

March 18–Sunday May 4, 2008. The exhibit focuses on Baryshnikov’s unique perspective into Merce

Cunningham’s choreography and dancers. The exhibit is located at 401 Projects, 401 West St. in

Manhattan. Viewing hours are Wednesday–Sunday, 12–6 pm.

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Mischa postponed

Charlie Rose said at the beginning of last night's program that Mikhail Baryshnikov's appearance on the show would be postponed a day, so he could present other guests with, I take it, more topical things to say. (Thanks to television-recorder technology, I didn't lose any sleep over that, and thanks to the technology represented by the Internet, I find a few repeat broadcasts scheduled in my area, in case the first kind of technology fails me.)

As to approaching Merce's art, he goes even farther than Balanchine did in the direction of "it's up to you": Each of us is supposed to put together what we see our own way. (Don't we all anyway? It's the wise artists who go with this inevitability, IMHO.) I take it that Baryshnikov's exhibit will present his way by letting us look through the lens of his camera, so to speak.

(I haven't seen any accounts of this show in print. Hasn't it received some appreciative attention somewhere?)

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Thanks for the Link to the Times article, kfw. The following comment made by Baryshnikov was something of a a shocker:

“I was taken to Lord Snowdon’s studio, and, of course, I was very impressed,†he said of his first season in the West in 1970 as a dancer with the Kirov Ballet in London. “But also it was all so perfect. A bit anal. Very unlike me, anyway. I’m so untidy.â€
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