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Alonzo King, LINES Ballet

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We received a notice from the video's production company:

A Los Angeles based film production company has recently collaborated with a non-profit artist org, United States Artists, to work on a new video program featuring artists and their artwork throughout the U.S. The latest video streaming through the Web features Choreographer and Artistic Director of LINES Ballet in San Francisco,
. We are currently trying to share the video with any and all web-users that might be interested and I thought this video might be of interest to you and avid Ballet Talk viewers/web-readers. If you are interested in sharing it there are links and video streams available on the actual website next to the video, please feel free to use them and post as you think would be best.

In case you are not able to click on the link to the video, please try this:

I understand that your time is of the essence, but when you get a chance, it would be great to get any feedback about any of the videos you viewed as more are going to be made and I want to make sure they're always just a little bit better the next time around.

****Here's some more info about the project if you're interested.****

Artists change the world…

In an effort to share artists' work around the globe, United States Artists (USA) and film company City Projects introduce
featuring video shorts profiling artists and their work. Unique in tone and content, each video provides a glimpse of the creative process.

is a new non-profit organization celebrating the fearless impulse that compels every great artist to create and inspire us to think.

In collaboration with filmmaker Phillip Rodriguez , USA Broad Fellow, USA will release a total of 14 video shorts as part of
. The first eight videos are now live on YouTube and the USA website. Six additional videos will be released this Spring.

Share our videos on your site with others or join our community at myspace:


Robyn Lopez

City Projects

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