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Vainonen's Nutcracker, Snowflakes

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Hello all, I'm a final year student In Royal Academy of Dance/University of Surrey's BA Dance Education degree program, in the midst of writing a dissertation (senior thesis) on Nutcracker (if that sounds painful, trust me, it is). I hope I'm not duplicating any other posts, but I haven't found anything on this particular subject, and I was hoping this would be a relatively simple question (ha,ha).

Does anyone know if Vasily Vainonen's choreography for Waltz of the Snowflakes (as featured in some old Kirov videos as well as in Baryshnikov's old production of Nut for ABT) is a direct descendant of Ivanov's original choreography for that scene?

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Scorpiodncr, this should be easy enough for you to research and compare by simply going to one of the videos (or DVDs) of the Royal Ballet's present staging of The Nutcracker. The Waltz of the Snowflakes in this mid-1980s version was staged by R. J. Wiley using the Stepanov-notated original choreography by Lev Ivanov, as found in the N. Sergeyev collection at Harvard University.

You will see that the two versions are quite different.

I'll let you do the comparisons as part of your dissertation. Good luck!

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