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Arthur Laurents talks about bringing a revival of “West Side Story” to New York.

``You have to be very careful, because things that are a smash in Knoxville or Sydney are not necessarily going to make it here,'' said Laurents, who is as well known for his mercurial enthusiasms as he is for Broadway books and the screenplays to such movies as ``Summertime'' (based on his play, ``Time of the Cuckoo), ``The Way We Were'' and ``The Turning Point.''

``New York is tougher,'' he continued. ``I have a way of doing this that is unlike any that's ever been done.

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A revival of the classic American musical West Side Story — directed by its librettist, Arthur Laurents — will make its premiere at The National Theatre in Washington, DC, in December before arriving on Broadway in 2009.
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It's about time!

It's been 28 years since the last revival, and they already missed the 50th anniversary. WSS always seems to be the show those who don't like musicals love... and well, those who love musicals tend to love it too.

I heard rumors about the revival for months from those in touch with those on the international tour and am glad they turned out to be founded.

I hope they get unknowns... but what is the likeihood of that?

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