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Ballet de Espana

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WHAT a roster! This will be a fantastic company!! (even without Carlos Lopez, who I saw recently in Toronto and loved!)

I can't tell you how nice it is to finally see these names in print!!

Now, I will just need to plan a trip to Spain!

Muchas Gracias, CarolinaM!!

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CarolinaM, thank you very much for your information about Corella Ballet. You are very kind and you have very good information. I would like to know more details about the ballet “The Bayadere” choreographed, directed and staged by Natalia Makarova, for next September at the Real Theatre in Madrid. If it is possible. I wish so much to see Angel ´s new company.

It would be incredible. It is so good that sometimes I can not belive it. I Makarova.

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Welcome to BalletTalk, Carmen.

I like Makarova's staging of "La Bayadere" very much. Her version was my introduction to the ballet -- both as the Shades scene and as a full-length. I can understand how people who grew up on other versions may find it lacking. It is an ambitious undertaking for a new company.

There are so many familiar names in this company -- many of us are eager to hear not only about the company's progress overall, but that of some of the individuals. We're counting on our Spanish members to keep us informed. I look forward to your reactions to the company's performances.

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Hi Carmen García, welcome to BalletTalk and thanks, yes I try to get well informed as I have been dreaming of this company for so looong!!

Also many thanks to carbro :) In Spain even if for you it must sound incredible, there is people who only criticize and try to make thinks as much difficult as possible for Ángel and his team. But we at fotoescena are supporting this so wonderful initiative from the very beginning and up to now. So to find people like you that share our illusion and enthusiasm is very nice. Thanks again!! :dry:

As you say, the official premiere of "Corella Ballet" will be with La Bayadere (Natalia Makarova) at the Teatro Real in Madrid, in September 4, 2008, but already on July 11 and 12, the "Corella Ballet" will perform at La Granja (Segovia) where the Company is set. The program will be “Clear” (Stanton Welch); “Bruch Violín Concerto nº 1 (Clark Tippet) and “In the Upper Room” (Twyla Tharp).

Just to inform you that tickets for La Granja will be on sale from next June 24 at La Granja Town Council, Sfera shops and at El corte Inglés at a price: 25-45 €.

At el Corte Inglés they can be purchased on-line El Corte Inglés - Tickets

or by phone: +34 921 470018

If anybody can come and need any help, please do not hesitate to ask and if we could meet there, as of course I will not miss it, I would be more than happy.

For La Bayadere in Madrid, September 2008, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 & 10 at 20:00 h. tickets will be on sale from July 15.

For El Liceu in Barcelona, July 2009, 9, 10 (two shows) & 11 (two shows) Gran Teatre del Liceu will be on sale from July 14 at 09:00 a.m. Ángel Corella will perform on July 9, at 8 pm and on July 11, at 10 pm.

Please join me in wishing good luck and long life to the Corella Ballet!! Ángel deserves this!! :dry:

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Thank you, Carolina, for that information and for your support of the Corella enterprise.

In Spain even if for you it must sound incredible, there is people who only criticize and try to make thinks as much difficult as possible for Ángel and his team.
I simply do not understand such people. They exist everywhere. But WHY?
[W]e at fotoescena are supporting this so wonderful initiative from the very beginning and up to now.
Good for you, and many thanks. In a few years, I trust that we will all look back on 2008 as the beginning of an hugely successful enterprise for Spain, for classical ballet, and for Corella and his dancers. (And for ballet lovers like the fine people at Fotoescena.) :)

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Thanks Bart, from the very deep of my heart :flowers:

I hope you will be right. Ángel has started, but to keep on running his Company needs funds. He is fighting for this and has experts in his team to get it but it is very difficult and mainly now with this crisis everywhere.

But if they know that there is people supporting and encouraging them from many places worldwide this will for sure be a great dosage of stamina :)

And thank you also for your kind words for fotoescena. We also feel alone many times in Spain. But no matter, we know that we are right :)

By the way, would it be possible to change the name of this topic? It was said thet the name of the company would be "Ballet de España" but it is now decided that it will be "Corella Ballet" so maybe we could change, what do you think?

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Another article, this one in the Aug./Sept. 08 Pointe Magazine -- "Made in Madrid," by Kristin Lewis.

It's an excellent update about the company and includes the following:

1) Corella began preparing the way for this as long ago as 2001, when he created the Fundacion Angel Corella to lay the groundwork for a company similar to ABT --

a company with a classical repertoire that would also perform works by neoclassical and contemporary choreographers llike ... Balanchine ... Robbins .... Wheeldon ... Kylian, and ... Forsythe.

2) The impetus for the company (and 70% of the funding) comes from the Royal Family's foundation, which also donated the palace in Segovia that is the company's headquarters.

3) The name "Corella Ballet" is all about starting off with star recognition. AC hopes it will become the National Ballet of Spain (which must be conferred by the Spanish Government) or the Royal Ballet of Spain (bestowed by the royal family).

My name as a person and a dancer is only there for the moment, but eventually it will be a company for the country and dedicated to the country.

4) The official Madrid opening -- in September, at the Teatro Real -- will be Makarova's version of Bayadere, with Corella and guests Paloma Herrera and Gilliam Murphy.

5) Next hurdle: starting a ballet school for ages 11-18.

6) Some very nice photos, too.

It's clear that, behind the sunny exterior and sweet smile, there's a sharp intelligence and serious organizational ability and drive.

Thanks, 4rmrdncr, for calling my attention to this article.

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That's really exciting, 4mrdncr! "Merde," indeed. If this company grows into the permanent national institution it has the potential to be, you will definitely have been there at the creation. I envy you the opportunity. Have a great and rewarding time at the Teatro Real. :)

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This thread was getting so long that I've moved some of the recent posts -- those starting with this summer's Gala at La Granja (a July 10 post by CarolinaM -- to a new thread -- Corella Ballet . It's on the European Company Forum.

I'll CLOSE this one now. Please move on to the new thread:


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