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Ballet Gamonet Program III

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If i can make it after work thru the traffic, i'll try to go to this performance. Ballet Gamonet is a similar story as Wheeldon's "Morphoses". This is the program for tonight.

Divertimento Español -

Jimmy Gamonet De Los Heros

(Composer: Leon Minkus)

Grand Pas Classique - Jimmy Gamonet De Los Heros

(Composer: Daniel Auber)

Carmen - Jimmy Gamonet De Los Heros

(Composer: Georges Bizet)


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Hope you can make it, cristian. There seems to be a direct road from Miami City Ballet to this company: Gamonet himself, who took his choreography with him; Ileana Lopez, former prima ballerina at MCB and now Ballet Mistress here; Jessica Collina, Alex Dutko. A few dancers on the website also list stints at Ballet Florida, though they must have passed through too quickly for me to remember.

It would be interesting to hear your impressions about the choreography -- Gamonet had just left MCB when we moved to south Florida, so I've never seen it. I've heard conflicting reports.

I'd also be interested to learn about the audience and how it compares to the audience for MCB, ABT, and Cuban Classical.

Liebling, will you be attending? Anyone else from the Miami area?

P.S.: It's good to see, from the company's website, that Paul Thrussell (a wonderful, charismatic dancer who started at Northern Ballet Theater and spent quite a while at Boston Ballet) is still with the company.

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