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Daniil - where are you?

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Perhaps I had too much time on my hands this weekend, was searching around various websites (I started off trying to find out who will be dancing in the Toronto version of Stars of the 21st Century). At any rate, I did go to the Vienna StatsoperBallet website - assuming I did in fact go to the correct place - and Simkin was not listed.


Anyone have news? Perhaps I did not go to the correct website?


(p.s. Daniil if you are reading this, I hope we DO have the opportunity to see you in Toronto!!)

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Being a certifiably curious person, I have already checked his website. Didn't see any news that would explain the Vienna website.

I did speak with someone who knows him and his family very well. I would suggest trying his email address on his website. Things are very good for him but it is heresay if I repeat it on this board.

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yes, there was a link to the ABT announcement last week or so, I believe.

I was lucky enough to see Daniil Simkin last night in the Stars of the 21st Century Gala in Toronto.

All I can say about Mr Simkin is...........WOW!!!! :smilie_mondieu:

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