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Toumanova, Petroff, and several Ballets Russes women

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Our member Whetherwax posted the following on another thread.

I realise this is not the right place to post this and is off the point. But you may be interested RQ in a short home movie of Tamara Touvanova dancing on the beach in Australia which i found in Australian Screen( a film archive).

Murray - Will, Ewan:Ballet Russes in Australia: Home movie Aside from her beauty and the scene it has an extra pleasure for me as our family home was built on the headland 10 years later. Everyone will enjoy her dancing.

The clips, though informal and with the appearance of improvisation, are beautiful and very sweet -- like nothing I've ever seen -- so I've started a new thread (with a Link) to discuss them.


The first clip appears to be a take-off on a standard castaway-on-the-beach silent film plot. But the other two are dance. Their silent, slow-motion underlines how amazingly contemporary these bodies look performing ballet on an ocean beach.

THANK YOU. whetherwax, for the link.

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I am grateful that you fixed this Bart.

I am still a little unsure in finding my way around. It is a wonderful clip of Toumanova isnt it? and it conveys for me some of the sensuous delicacy revealed for me for the first time when i saw Ballet Russe DVD. The beaches were pristine in those days ( and that one quite remote then )and i can imagine the pleasure with which the dancers responded.

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