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Young dancers @ Phila's Rock School


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I was just at YAGP in Philly last weekend with a few of my students and had the chance to see a few of the Rock students. Esteban was wonderful-it was amazing to see so much stage presence, fire, and technical ability in such a little guy. Sara Michelle Murawski did very well also and is doing a nice job of getting her lankiness under control. Overall, the Rock students were very strong and promising, nice performers. I would have liked to have seen more epaulement to complete the package.

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I am new to this board. Great information!!

I was also at the YAGP in Philly. I also thought it was packed with very strong performers with a lot of potential. The senior Grand Prix winner was amazing. Her pirouettes were so clean and controlled! I also thought the gold medalist in the junior women's division showed a lot of potential. Great stage presence, clean technique.

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Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to watch too much of the junior/senior catagories as I was running around backstage and also because of the crazy power outage but what I did see was impressive. I saw a lot more of the pre competitive group from the audience than other groups and the winner of the Hope Award was very nice. She has the whole package (feet, turnout, extension, turns, and stage presence) and (if she keeps it up and doesn't burn out in a few years) will be in a major company someday.

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Still learning the ropes here. I have removed the link. I don't know if youtube is allowed either but you can put the names of the dancers in youtube and watch if anyone is interested. Sorry for the faux pas!

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