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Hello everyone!


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Hi!. My name is Vivian. I'm an elementary school art teacher , and I love ballet. I was a History of Art teacher in my native country, Cuba, for 27 years and i currently live in Miami Fla. Today I went to a Swan Lake performance. It was something UNFORGETTABLE. The ballerina doing Odette/Odile ( sorry, I'm bad remembering names...have to look for her name later) was so good!!! After the performance I went backstage and saw her . She looked so fragile.. contrasting with the tremendous temper that she showed onstage!. With this kind of performance, ballet will be forever an exquisite and vivid art for sure. Anyways, i hope to learn a lot from this site. (I was already reading some topics and wow, i feel a little intimidated).



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Welcome to Ballet Talk, Vivian; we're very glad have you with us. It's wonderful that you had such a good experience with Swan Lake. We hope you can go to more ballets. You will find all kinds of information on this board. Do not feel intimidated; we're here to help you with any questions you might have.


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Hi Vivian, and welcome!

You may have noticed that we have a number of members who live in South Florida or visit regularly. cubanmiamiboy just reviewed performances of Swan Lake by Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami. You were probably at the same performance! You can find his reports here, under Recent Performances. He seems to agree with you about Sunday afternoon. :blushing:

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