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Fille mal gardee as Naughty lisette

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the attached photo shows Irina Baronova as Lisette (or Lise) in Ballet Theatre's Nijinska/Mordkin-based production (designed by Soudeikine?) FILLE MAL GARDEE (re-named NAUGHTY LISETTE). i suspect the Alain might be Ian Gibson? but the Simone isn't someone i recognize. anyone have a guess or positive identification? i guess it could be Romanoff himself?

Fille mal gardée - Chor: Bronislava Nijinska (based on the Mordkin version); mus: Peter Hertel; lib: Dauberval; scen & cos: Serge Soudeikine. First perf: New York, Center Theatre, Jan 19, 1940; Ballet Theatre.//Revival: 1949, staged by Dimitri Romanoff. (a.k.a. NAUGHTY LISETTE)


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If it is Gibson, then it would have to be of the earlier production. He didn't return to Ballet Theatre after the war, in which he served in the Royal Canadian Navy. The US Soldiers' and Sailors' Relief Act didn't apply to him, as he was a Canadian citizen. I understood that he worked for Macy's in New York for awhile after the war, while looking for dance work, then went back to Vancouver.

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thanks for the info. Mel.

i have a friend in canada who might confirm, or not, the gibson ident.

if it is i.g. then i can date the foto, which i now suppose could be from the first ballet theatre season.

i'll post any further info here.

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I would guess Mother Simone is Simon Semenoff--a popular character dancer with BT during those years. The cleft in his chin (if it isn't makeup) could help with the identification. The Alain does look like Ian Gibson. Mel said he didn't return to BT after the war---I did see him dance with BT and that would have to have been after the war.

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Baronova was just so lovely...She still is! It does look like Mr. Semenoff. I remember auditioning and rehearsing with him on several occasions as a child when the Kirov and the Bolshoi came to town (San Francisco) for children's roles in the touring productions. It's fun to see this photo of him.

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