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No release date, but confirmation that an Acosta "Spartacus" was filmed for DVD release has been confirmed by Marc Haegemann in the Spring 2008 edition of danceviewtimes. Writing about the Bolshoi's visit to Paris this January, he writes:

Even the Orchestre Colonne surpassed itself with the unfamiliar Khatchaturian score, although for a performance filmed for DVD release the Bolshoi's own orchestra would have been far preferable.
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I finally finished watching the Acosta version of "Spartacus." I preferred the Vasiliev version. The repetition was excessive in the Acosta version.

Kaptsova is very lovely, but see seemed to be acting the emotional aspects, rather than convincingly portraying that she was feeling them. I thought maybe she was too young to understand what she was put on stage to express. I still like to watch her, think she moves beautifully, and have enjoyed her in other ballets. Maria Allash was more dramatically convincing in a less sympathetic part, although she seemed to tire during certain scenes. The men were exhausted by the end, and rightfully so.

Can anyone translate what the Emporer's army's staff said?

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