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Bolshoi tour Amsterdam


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I wasn't sure where to post this question, so I'm very sorry if I did it wrong. :thumbsup:

The Bolshoi website says they will perform from 16-27 July in Amsterdam (The Bright Stream, Spartacus and Swan Lake), but I just can't seem to find out where exactly this will be and where to get tickets. I emailed het Muziektheater (which seemed the most obvious place for them to perform to me), but they answered the Bolshoi will not perform there.

If anyone can help me to find out where they will appear and where to get tickets, thank you very much!

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Muziektheatre would seem the obvious venue, so I'm surprised they aren't appearing there. The Dutch National Ballet used to perform at a big old theatre in Leidseplein, right by the American Hotel. I can't remember the name of it I'm afraid, indeed it is such a long time since I was last in Amsterdam, I suppose it could have been pulled down by now. However it was a quite a landmark building and I think large enough to take the Bolshoi. Anyone remember it's name?

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The theatre on the Leidseplein is called the Stadsschouwburg. It is much smaller than the Muziektheater, which was one of the reasons the new theatre was built. Whenever we would be touring in Holland, we always had to "adjust and squeeze" on that stage compared to the stages in The Hague, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Tilburg. It seems really unlikely the Bolshoi would attempt to fit in the Stadsschouwburg. On the other hand, before the Muziektheater, all dance performances would be there. If indeed the Bolshoi is coming to Amsterdam it would more likely be in a place like the Rai Congress Centre. Of course since I left Holland over 30 years ago some new venues might be used by ballet companies. I haven't kept up with that kind of info.

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Thanks, Lidewij, for that information for the Link. I hope you will report on the performance(s). Which of the three programs do you plan on attending?

I was not familiar with the Carre Theater and was interested in the page devoted to its long and rather fabulous history. It's here:


The Bolshoi is sharing the bill with quite a large variety of performers and art forms!

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That history is certainly very interesting! I knew it was some kind of special building, but I never knew why. Thank you!

I will go see Spartacus and The Bright Stream; if I have some money left I would also like to see a Swan Lake but I'll have to see about that. Amsterdam isn't that close by for me, so perhaps a hotel room will be necessary, and the tickets are pricy as well..

Anyhow, I'm very much looking forward to this event. :clapping:

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