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Bolshoi Academy 'Fille Mal Gardee' on DVD

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Just a quick note to mention that the ca-1978/79 telecast of the three-act Gorsky-after-Petipa/Hertel version of "La Fille Mal Gardee" is now available on commercial DVD in Japan (Shinshokan production - the folks who bring us the Japanese Dance Magazine). It was filmed during a tour of Japan by the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and stars Erika Luzhina. The staging is by Sofia Golovkina. This is welcome news to those of us who have been living with a fuzzy-pictured copy-of-a-copy for so many years!

Bit of a warning, though, in that the DVD cover in Japan shows a scene of the current Bolshoi Ballet troupe performing the Ashton/Herold version The Gorsky/Hertel edition is something quite different and more in the 'Imperial Russian' mold with Gypsy divertissements and such.

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