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On Amazon I saw that there's set to be a new release of Giselle from the Bolshoi, starring Ludmila Semenyaka. Anyone know when this performance was filmed and have any comments on it?

Working from memory here, as I don't have the DVD in front of me.

This Bolshoi GISELLE DVD with Semenyaka has been available for a while in some Europeans countries. I believe that I bought mine in the UK 2-3 years ago. Although it was filmed at the end of the ballerina's dancing career ca 1991, she danced quite well. Nadezhda Gracheva is fantastic as Myrta. I'm sorry to say that I don't remember who dances Albrecht except that it wasn't one of the top Bolshoi men of that era (or if he was, he did not make much of an impact!). At the time of the filming, the Bolshoi was dancing only the Yuri Grigorovich version of the ballet so I'm assuming that that's what we see here. It was well filmed for that era, I recall.

The real gem of this DVD, though, is the 'pre-performance featurette' of Semenyaka schlepping around her Moscow apartment, warming up, taking care of her little son and doing housewifey stuff. :helpsmilie: It's not the typical GISELLE DVD but one worth having.

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I can't believe my good luck in finding this DVD today. I have a brief clip of Semenyaka in Giselle on a documentary and have always wished for more. I found it at CD Universe (couldn't find it at Amazon). Their price is usually a couple of dollars less than Amazon (although shipping is not free). They are selling it for $29.99. The List price is $44.00. I am looking forward to my two Giselles: Pujol and Semenyaka.

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I just got this DVD last week. Alas, Myrtha and the wilis are always my favorite part of Giselle. I was very sad to see that Myrtha's dances are abridged: the pas de bourrees and penchees are missing along with Myrtha's entire first solo. This really spoiled it for me :(

I love Semenyaka though.

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The library card catalogue description reads as follows: "Filmed live at the world-famous Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the Russian influence has enriched the deep, pathetic dilemma of a country girl forced to destroy the man she loves."

I have not seen the video and seek comments of those who have.

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