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DanceView Winter 2008


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The postman has finally finished reading my new copy of the quarterly magazine DanceView, and with alternating sighs of regret and satisfaction has consented to let me have it. I'm pleased to list the contents of the Winter 2008 issue of this fine publication, for Ballet Alerters who don't already subscribe.

"Maurice Bejart -- 1927-2007" and "The Last Word on Julie Kavanaugh's Nureyev Biography" by John Percival

"A Conversation with NYCB's Megan Fairchild" by Michael Popkin'

"Working Hard: Morphoses Makes Its City Center Debut" by Mary Cargill

"American Ballet Theatre at City Center" and "New York Report" by Gay Morris

"London Report" by Jane Simpson

"San Francisco Report" by Rita Felciano

DanceView is the quarterly print companion to danceviewtimes. Subscriptions are available here.

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I just finished reading Jane Simpson's "London Report."

About "Diamonds" she writes:

Nunez was more complex: it was as if she was Aurora, summonded from her long sleep to meet her bridggroom, and a little reluctant, still not entirely free from her own deep dream. She was also absolutely magnificent: a wonderful adagio dancer, she carves her movement out of space ind indelibly into memory.

What beautifully evocative writing!

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It's not the postman!! Apologies for the late delivery. To be perfectly honest, they sat on my living room floor for a week and a half, because I couldn't stamp, stuff and label while at the ballet :) All issues should have been sent off last Tuesday.

Please don't apologize, Alexandra, I was just having a little fun. It gets here when it gets here, and whenever it gets here, I'm happy. :)

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