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Baryshnikov at 60

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The Kirov preceded their Kennedy Center matinee today with an announcement dedicating the performance to "the former Kirov dance Mikhail Baryshnikov on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday". It was a nice gesture but hearing it did make me feel very old.

According to another thread, Baryshnikov himself was at the Kennedy Center, watching yesterday afternoon's performance.

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Thanks to video, of course, everyone can be eternally young.

I just took another look at the excerpt from "The Tale of Serf Nikish" (1969) on The Glory of the Kirov dvd. I didn't realize that he was 21 when this was made. I always assumed he was closer to 17 in this. He's so fresh-faced, so innocent, with all the charisma is already there, but in a gentle, soulful, non-egotistical form.

Happy birthday. And thanks.

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Are we not told we are as young as we feel ? Why then does our body not understand this........ Or our mind, come to that. :o:bow:
I often ask myself that. I guess the challenge is working to be as healthy (mentally spiritually, physically) as one can, and finding rewarding, useful activities that fit one's real situation.

Baryshnikov was fortunate in having the personality and resources that allowed him to decide to adjust the demands of his dancing career as he aged. His interviews show someone who appears to be centered and at peace with himself and what he has made of his incredible gift. Nureyev -- who would have been 70 this year -- took another more turbulent route, both by choice and by fate.

I guess the best the rest of us can hope for is to find ourselves somewhere in between those two.

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And I will always cherish the program I have from a Kirov performance I saw in Tokyo that lists "M.Baryshnikov" as Benno. How much work, and dedication, and determination, and frustration, and hope, and living and learning went into his life from then till now. A truly happy birthday wish to him, from one who remembers his past, and looks forward to his future.

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