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Gelsey Kirkland


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NYPL cat. entry for its silent Kirkland films (by Lucia Wayne and donated to the collection by Kirkland herself) has the following info for TARANTELLA, which is very likely the same footage as posted on youtube:


Tarantella [excerpts] (ca. 6 min.) / recorded on February 15, 1974 ; choreography, George Balanchine ; costumes, Karinska ; danced by Gelsey Kirkland and Edward Villella. Lacks much of choreography for male dancer.


so the answer is VILLELLA.

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I only occasionally check in on Instragram but just saw,  through a Dance Magazine feature, that Kurt Froman has posted clips on Instagram of Kirkland rehearsing Don Quixote with David Howard and Pilar Garcia. Fantastic (albeit silent) footage.

Here is the Dance Magazine Feature with two links to the Kirkland-Howard footage. There is more on Froman's Instagram page  though it's not all gathered together:


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Thanks for posting this, cubanmiamiboy.  Clifford said it was a home movie, yup. If only the quality were a little bit better! I was just reading through this thread and just about every youtube link led to a frowny face "sorry, this video is no longer available".  There are still some terrific clips of GK on youtube, though.

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