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Looking for good ballet school near Bristol UK

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I am looking for any recommendations for a good ballet school near Bristol UK. We are moving to a house near Winscombe in Somerset just south of Bristol. Our daughter is aged 11 and has been attending the Ballet Centre of Fort Worth (Texas USA) for the last 2 years where she has progressed really well. We really want to find a school that will allow her to continue to develop from the excellent teaching she has been receiving.

Any recommendations would be really appreciated.

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Welcome to BalletTalk, Rachel.

Unfortunately, your question is beyond the scope of our board, which is specific to the concerns of the audience. We have a wonderful dancer-oriented counterpart, though, BalletTalk for Dancers, which offers a wealth of international experience there.

You'll have to register there separately. As a mom, you'll probably want to check out the Parents forums.

I wish you the best with the big move, and I hope you and your daughter find a ballet school where she can flourish. :blush:

I'm closing this thread.

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