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Anastasia Sheptifratz

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Can anybody tell me anything about Anastasia Sheptifratz? Here is the reason of my interest: my grandfather was the Russian stage designer Boris Bilinsky (1900-1948) and his mother's lastname was Sheptifratz... But this is the very first time I can find somebody with the same name and I would like very much to get intoo touch with Anastasia Sheptifratz through the company she dances in. Does anybody know? Thanks a lot in advance. Yours, Rene Clementi-Bilinsky

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I'm sorry you've had no response to your first enquiry, clemntibilinsky. I hope your reminder brings more responses.

A quick Google search of the name, using your spelling, turned up only 2 English-language references, both from Ballet Talk. You may already be aware of these references.

Here's the post including her name in a list of competitors in the 2005 Moscow International Ballet Competition.


Perhaps it will refresh someone's memory.

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