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Sylve gone from NYCB Roster as of 1/1/08

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FYI - Obviously there's a communications issue at NYCB: while the webpage did not list Sylve on the roster, the program on the opening night of rep had her still listed.

So why then, tonight, (Jan 18) is she still on the roster in the program, and has her photo in the "Principals" section?


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Hello from San Francisco.

Ms. Sylve is listed as a 'guest artist', so no telling how long she'll be around. Last night was the opening, and she's not shown yet on the casting (which is only up through February 5); no idea what she'll be dancing. Based on the comments here, I'm looking forward to seeing her.


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Sofiane Sylve will be dancing Myrtha for the opening of Giselle at San Francisco Ballet on February 16, along with Yuan Yuan Tan (Giselle), Tiit Helimets (Albrecht) and Pascal Molat (Hilarion).

Just wanted to say that I saw Giselle tonight and it just keeps getting better (I first saw it in 2002 with Joanna Berman as Giselle, again in 2005 with Tina Le Blanc). Yuan Yuan and Tiit were wonderful together, Damian was his usual diabolical Hilarion (casting had changed over the week. Pascal was in the Pas de Cinq tonight, but will dance Hilarion on Tuesday), and Sofiane was fabulous as Myrtha.

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Hey everyone,

This weekend I finally watched Dutch National Ballet's "The Sleeping Beauty" registration with Sofiane Sylve, that I had taped when it was aired on Dutch television December 31st (or 25th or something).

Before the first act Ted Brandsen, artistic director of Dutch National Ballet, was interviewed about the ballet, the company, and the principals in the registration.

He said that, as of that moment, Sofiane 'removed herself' from NYCB and will now be a full time "free-lance international guest-artiste"!

So I guess this is good news for everyone (even those in NY I think): she'll probably be guesting everywhere and much more often now! :wallbash:

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Sofiane will be performing in 'In the Night' this Thursday 3/6 in Program 4 (All Jerome Robbins). Her partner is Tiit Helimets and they are the second couple. Here's the link to casting for the program:


I will be there so I will post a report.

Unfortunately, casting changed and Sofiane did not perform tonight. She was replaced by soloist Elana Altman. Hopefully Sofiane will perform on another night and I hope to catch her then.

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I was never a true fan of Sofiane's -- I didn't find her musical -- I never got a sense that she was trying to tell me something -- she seemed to be a wonderfully competent blank -- and since she was given the greatest NYCB ballerina repertory -- she just didn't do it justice in my eyes (by great NCYB repertory -- bascially Suzanne Farrell's -- which now is Wendy Whelan's and Maria Kowroski's and now Sara Mearn's) -- but I wish her luck with the San Francisco ballet -- perhaps there she will grow in artistry... and sorry to be overly catty -- but she sometimes looked as big as the male dancers on stage...

I was thinking that the chances of being given the opportunity to dance the ballerina roles in Diamonds, Mozartiana, Chaconne, 2nd movement in Symphony in C -- is rarer that one's chances of being on the Supreme Court -- I remember a line from Arlene Croce -- "Repertory is destiny".

I noticed that Sara Mearns made principal -- don't want to jinx her -- but she looks like someone who will do the repertory justice. Fingers crossed...

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I think Sofiane is one of today's very best, but definitely a dancer's dancer. Dancers (past and present) with whom I've attended the ballet have all gone bonkers for Sylve, especially while she danced at NYCB.

Sofiane doesn't play to the audience, instead giving the fullest interpretation in her bold style to the execution of the steps. Helps to appreciate her more if you have some sense of what it takes to execute those steps that she does with such fullness, confidence and ease. Her lines are huge and so is her movement. Doesn't hurt that Sofiane is also "ravishing" beautiful to look at even while standing still.

I'm excited to see Sofiane and Lorena again after a quick peek of their SFB performance at the Fall Festival. I believe Sulcas wrote a review about it just recently.

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but she sometimes looked as big as the male dancers on stage...

We certainly noticed that here, but so far it has only worked to her advantage. She was fantastic as Myrtha in Giselle -- that big skirt covers a multitude of sins -- and commanding in another role she inherited from Muriel Maffre, the weird ballerina in the weird futurist-nightmare ballet Eden/Eden.

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