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i can't recall any case in which the use of a double to keep the action moving in the case of too little time for the actual dancer/character to change where the 'double' dancer was given name credit.

productions that show a cinderella changed back to her rags at midnight are known, and none that i know of name the 'second dancer' involved.

baryshnikov's DON Q uses a 'double' dancer in the guise of kirtri at the end of act 2, as she leaves her gypsy wagon wrapped in a shawl, b/c the ballerina dancing kitri has no time to change from the tutu and tiara she wears for the dream scene.

ABT's current SLEEPING BEAUTY has more than one, if mem. serves., dancer dressed as the cloaked carabosse as she supposedly dashes repeatedly through the climax of act 1.

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