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Ballet on TV in the UK over Christmas

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You may be interested to know what ballet is being broadcast in the UK. On the various BBC channels this includes Rojo and Acosta in Romeo and Juliet, Darcey Bussell's full farewell performance, and Ashton's Tales of Beatrix Potter from the ROH (which they can't have recorded yet). And a new version of Ballet Shoes (Noel Streatfield's children's novel). And other stuff.

Here's the BBC press release -


I found rather more detail on most of this at


Also on Christmas Day is the documentary on the making of Wheeldon's Elsinore for the Bolshoi, this time on Channel 4.

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You are lucky. NYC is not even getting the 10 a.m. Nutcrackers this year, or the 3 a.m ones. Back in November I searched our local PBS affiliate's website for Nutcrackers. When I found none, I emailed them this note:

"According to your website's program search engine, PBS is not airing any broadcasts of The Nutcracker between now and the end ofthe year. Is that true? If so, how sad."

Their reply:

"Yes, there are no plans to air "The Nutcracker" this season. We are sorry

you are disappointed, but perhaps it will be aired again at some future


Please know that your interest in PBS is valued, and we hope you are

enjoying the many diverse programs finding them entertaining as well as


Rita L.Pototzky, Thirteen/WNET

Member and Viewer Relations"


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Not sure where to post this, but on Christmas day (for those who can receive this..) on La Deux 2 old Béjart performances will be broadcast; Le sacré du printemps and Bolero (with Jorge Donn). And on France 3 the Nutcracker by the Opera National de Paris, on Dutch tv we have The Four Seasons (Kudelka).

So, a lot of ballet on TV this Christmas for me :thumbsup:

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For those in the U.S. who need their "Nutcracker" fix: the Ovation channel which is included in some cable packages (Channel 83 on Time Warner Cable in NYC) is doing a Nutcracker festival with: 1) Grigorovich's staging from the Bolshoi with Mukhamedhov and Natalya Archipova 2) Mark Morris' "The Hard Nut" from La Monnaie with sexy Rob Besserer as Drosselmeyer 3) the Balanchine version from the movie with Macauley Culkin (ugh!) and Darci Kistler, Kyra Nichols et al. So if you feel like a "Nut", take a bite on the Ovation channel!

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