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POB annual competitions results


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Here are women's results. Men are competing tomorrow.


Are promoted "coryphées"

1. C. Robert

2. E. Guérineau

3. F. Gorse

4. J. Mathis

5. G. Reichert

end of results

6. A. Albisson-Pivat

Are promoted sujets

1.L. Pagliero

2. C. Granier

3. S. Mallem

end of esults

4.C. Giezendamner

5. L. Levy

6. A. Cardinale.

Are promoted "premiere danseuse":

1. E. Grinsztain

2. M. Zusperreguy

end of the results

3. A. Bellet

4. L. Hecquet

5.K. Dayanova

6. A. Renavand

these results are worse than worse figure skating scandals! A full review later!

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Thanks for giving us the results, cygneblanc !

I'm looking forward to reading your full reviews.

I'm a bit sorry that Laura Hecquet didn't get promoted to première danseuse, I always found her very interesting when I saw her...

I'm a bit surprised to see some names of dancers who hadn't been promoted for a long time: for example, I believe that Ghislaine Reichert has been in the company since about 1988 (same generation as Le Riche, Bridard, Martinez, Bart...), she must be about 35 ? And Caroline Robert has been a quadrille for almost a decade ?

Well, that must be a hard period for the corps de ballet: the competition and two ballet productions ("Paquita" and "The Nutcracker") at the same time...

Do you know how many positions will be available for men in each category ?

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Yes, we can say being ranked is a small honor.

Men results

Are promoted coryphées

1. F. Révillon,

2. M. Botto

3. A. Madin

4. G. Dominiak

5. C. Mitilian

end of results

6. J. Cozette

Are promoted "sujets"

1. A. Houette

2. V. Chaillet

end of results

3. A. Renaud

4. G. Gaillard

5. S. Bertaud

6. D. Stokes

Are promoted "premier danseur"

1. M. Heymann

2. S. Bullion

end of results

3. J. Hoffalt

4. M. Gaudion

5. B. Bouché

6. N. Paul

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Thanks for posting the results for men, cygneblanc !

Have you attended the competition today too ? I hope that you'll post a review when you have some time, and also tell us your opinion about the promotions.

It seems to me that the promotions for men are less unexpected than those for women, both Stéphane Bullion and Mathias Heymann already have been cast in rather big roles... Heymann is only 20, I hope that he'll be able to deal with all the pressure (and also that the direction will think about his health and not cast him too quickly in too many roles, in order to avoid injuries...

There seems to have been a problem with Mathieu Ganio, who unfortunately suffered from quite a lot of injuries).

It's interesting to see the name of Allister Madin among the new coryphées: I've never seen him, but I remember reading a lot of positive comments about him when he danced in the school's performance, and some disappointment when he was not accepted in the company, in a rather controversial context if I remember correctly. It's good to see that not only did he get into the company, but also got promoted quite quickly- perhaps it will give some hope to the POB students as it shows that not getting into the company doesn't mean all hope of a POB career is lost...

cygneblanc, do you know it the large number of positions this year for the competition means that there will also be a large number of positions for the students of the POB school ?

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As I’m quite busy, i twill be a day by day review…I haven’t seen men’s competition due to a lack of time…

Quadrilles :

Compulsory : La fille mal gardée (Ashton), I, II, Lise’s variation

Teenagers shine ! For me, highlights of this level were definitively were Amandine Albisson-Pivat (18), Eleonore Guerineau (19) and Aubane Philbert (19) (in alphabetical order).

Amandine Albisson, as it was seen in school performances, is an excellent technician and has an atonishing theatrical maturity for one so young. She was a charming Lise, but displayed a raw elegance in Cigarette’s variation. She, as Aubane Philbert, deserved a promotion.

Eleonore Guerineau was simply delightful. She will be a beautiful Giselle in a few years. She has a great musicality and just loves to dance. She possesses a very precise technique. She’s small and if her size was perfect for Lise’s part, it could have been an handicap for Etude’s Etoile Variation but it was not and she was brilliant. Congrats!

I feel so sad for Aubane Philbert. Not only she’s a delightful young lady but she’s already an extraordinary dancer of her own. She has such a poetical style and; a bit like Claire-Marie Osta but in a very different way, looks inhabitated. She’s just luminous. She was a very pleasant Lise, and an amazing and extremely poetic Diane in Diane’s variation of Diane et Acteon.

My own rankings are

1. E. Guerineau

2. A. Philbert

3. A. Albisson

4. F. Gorse

5. E. Hasboun

I can’t say I’m thrilled with choices of judges, especially Caroline Robert that looked very ordinary. That being said, one can understand Ghislaine Reichert’s choice as she has been a quadrille for a very long time (20 years ?) and was excellent in Mats EK’s Giselle. F. Gorse two variations were good, and she was a classy Cigarette. Emile Hasboun’s Lise was charming and she surprised everyone with an excellent rendition of In the Middle. Others noticable dancers: Sophie Parczen, Valentine Colasante and Miho Fuji...

See you later for coryphée's level !

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