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"Four Brothers Make It Big In The Ballet World"

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dirac posted a link to the following article on the Clarke family, where four boys in the family have trained at Royal Ballet School, and where the oldest two are dancing with Ballet Arizona.


It really is an amazing family story, and Phoenix is lucky to have them. (I know, 'tis the season, but still :wink:)

Ross and Russell, who have both graduated from the Royal Ballet School, both dance for Ballet Arizona. Since his graduation six years ago, Ross has worked in Britain and Lisbon. But he is now happily living with his girlfriend, American dancer Elizabeth Conaway, in Arizona where he routinely performs in principle roles.

Robert said: "He loves it. He set off at 18 to do his own things and has been loving life ever since. Now he has got to the top in ballet terms and he is happy."

Russell only moved out to Arizona last September.

Ballet Arizona's director saw Russell dance on film, as part of a BBC documentary on the boys and offered him a place in the company, saying he knew what he was getting when he signed up a Clarke boy.

I remember the first time I read that Ross Clarke was 24 years old, and I was astounded. He does not dance like a 24-year-old; he's mature beyond his years.

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