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Seattle Opera May Lease Mercer Arena

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According to The Seattle Times, Mayor Nickels was to announce last Wednesday a deal with Seattle Opera to lease the dark Mercer Arena, where Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet performed during the renovation of McCaw Hall. The deal still needs to be approved by the city counsel.

According to the article, the Opera would pay for the renovation, possibly partially through the sale of a parking lot owned by the Opera and currently leased to Teatro Zinzanni. The renovated building would house the administrative offices and the scenic and costume shops, where they would move from Renton (south of Seattle).

Accordingly to the editorial in The Seattle Times on Friday, which is in favor of the agreement,

Seattle Opera is already hearing from other arts groups, theater companies and nonprofits curious about potential partnerships. Compatible organizations are excited about colocating for administrative, technical and exhibition synergy. Add in attractive public spaces and commercial opportunities from cafes to galleries, and the buzz really builds.
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