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Nevada Ballet Theater

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Since my earlier post I have found the 2009-10 season rep via the press releases in the News section of the company website. I would still appreciate any info about the 2010-11 season as well as any info about the quality of the productions since Mr. Canfield's arrival and the well publicized turnover last year. I am not finding many reviews.

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I'll have to look, but I know there are some reviews. They are doing really well, as far as I can tell. I'm not sure about ticket sells and the such, but the company is becoming a strong group and they are working on a lot of new works. Their website needs some help and I don't believe the 10-11 season has been announced yet. You can look them up on facebook and will probably be able to find some more info regarding reviews and next season!

Also on their Facebook page, there are some wonderful photos of the rehearsals going on for "Brave New World" !

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