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I've been reading the items on this web site for several months and have enjoyed doing so very much. I am an enthusiastic ballet fan and especially enjoy ABT. I attend almost all of their performances in NYC and also sometimes see them in Chicago or Washington DC.

In April and May, I will be in Paris (4/29-5/6) and then I will be in London until 5/13.

I am very interested in attending ballet performances in both cities. Could someone please tell me web sites where I can get ballet schedules and order tickets to the ballet.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, VirginiaB; it's nice to have you with us. We non-New Yorkers envy you the opportunity to see ABT so frequently; perhaps you can write reviews of the performances you see and let us know what you think.

Both Royal Ballet and Paris Opera Ballet have web sites. Google them and the sites should come up with schedules and ticket information. Good luck.


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Hi, Virginia.

You can book tickets for the Royal Ballet through their website: http://info.royaloperahouse.org/Home/Index.cfm When I visited London in 2002, I booked mine by phone because I had questions (and had not yet discovered this site nor gotten my own e-mail account yet). It was very convenient and service was friendly. I was not left dangling on a phone queue, either.

For Paris Opera Ballet, their website is http://www.operadeparis.fr/ . They do not offer an English version, but if you Google "Paris Opera", Google offers a (not always graceful) translation link.

Good luck, and let us know how you make out. After (or during) your visit, I hope you'll report back.

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We also have a calendar -- see the top of each page -- which lists the performances for POB and Royal Ballet (as they were published this summer), and includes ticket buying information. Of course, verifying venues and times is important -- we just found out that three POB school performances were cancelled, and two replacement performances scheduled. Also, the Royal Ballet has not updated its calendar with performances in April and May

I'm afraid with your dates you're going to miss the POB school performances, which are scheduled now for April 13, 14, and 19. But there are performances of the Nureyev/Balanchine/Forsythe triple bill at Opera Bastille and Mats Ek at Palais Garnier during your Paris trip, and performances of "Sleeping Beauty" and the Serenade/New Barandstrup/Homage to the Queen triple bill during your London trip.

There's a full schedule listing in this .pdf for the Royal Ballet:


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